webOS Open Source Edition 1.0

webOS Open Source Edition (OSE) offers a strong development environment that enables easy collaboration with other platform developers, as well as distinctive built-in user features.

webOS OSE 1.0 startup screen

New Beginning of webOS

webOS OSE 1.0 provides you with the tools you need to create the next-level operating system, including:

  • Enact, a React-based new web app framework

  • Latest from Qt and Blink, as well as other open source projects

  • OpenEmbedded build system to support a wide range of platform architectures easily

New Architecture

webOS OSE 1.0 offers a suite of core user components that will help make your operating system stand out from the rest. The changes on user components include:

  • Separating the SysMgr into System and Application Manager (SAM) which manages apps and services, and Luna Surface Manager (LSM) which manages System UI

  • Adopting the uMediaServer and Media Display Controller (MDC) to control and manage media resources and policies

  • Replacing WebKit with Blink

  • Refactoring System UI to make it easy to use

Enhanced Performance and Feature

Here are a few improvements and additions that have been made for webOS OSE 1.0 compared to the existing Open webOS.

  • Adopted Qt 5.6 to improve performance.

  • Updated to Chromium 53 to reflect the latest HTML technology and improve performance.

  • Updated Yocto build system to enhance the stability of open source modules and update security patches.

  • Adopted i18n to support more than 160 languages on features such as data format and time zone.