webOS OSE 2.0.0 Release Notes

Release date: October 29, 2019

This version corresponds to the GitHub releases from build #92 to build #130.

New and Changed Features

Core Applications

  • System UI
    • New Home Launcher has been implemented.
  • Sample Apps
    • URL of the YouTube app has been changed from youtube.com/tv to youtube.com.
    • Touch scroll support has been added to YouTube app.

Application Framework

  • Web app framework
    • Enact framework has been upgraded to 3.0.0.
    • Enact devtools has been updated to 2.5.1.

Managers & Services

  • Display
    • Dual-display support has been implemented.
    • Display affinity support for web apps has been added.
  • Connectivity
    • SoftAP has been implemented.
  • Intelligence
    • Context Intent Manager (CIM) service is now run as a privileged service, which is allowed to register apps on their behalf and apply the apps roles.
  • SW Update (FOTA)
    • SW Updater has been added.

Base Components

  • Display
    • Qt has been upgraded to 5.12.3.
  • Web Engine
    • Web Engine has been upgraded to Chromium 72.
  • SW Update (FOTA)
    • libostree has been added.

BSP & Kernel

  • Kernel core
    • linux-raspberrypi has been upgraded to 4.19.58.
  • Security
    • Smack has been integrated.
    • openssl has been upgraded to 1.1.1b.

Build System & SCM

  • Target device
    • Raspberry Pi 4 has been added to the supported machine type.
  • Containerization
    • Containerization using Docker has been enabled, with the addition of meta-webos-virtualization metalayer.

Fixed Issues

  • VirtualBox Emulator
    • Supports audio output.
    • Supports audio recording using the internal and external mic.

Known Issues

  • After an app is installed, Home Launcher is hung up.
  • HW media decoding is not working, so all the web media is played by SW decoding on Chromium.
  • Camera Service is not working due to the change to SW decoding.
  • When both YouTube app and the browser are playing videos and one of the apps goes to the background, audio playback is mixed.
  • VirtualBox Emulator does not support dual display and touch input.