webOS OSE 2.11.0 Release Notes

Release date: June 25, 2021

This version corresponds to the GitHub releases from build #326 to build #361.

New and Changed Features

ACG Migration

  • Updated ACG permissions account service and settings service.

Core Applications

System UI

  • Notification
    • Fixed issue that toast message is not appearing.


  • Settings
    • Updated resources folder.

Sample Apps

  • Added Image Viewer.
  • Media Gallery
    • Updated to show empty image when preview cannot be loaded.
    • Added functionalities to launch video player with selected video info.
  • Video Player
    • Fixed static issues.
    • Fixed issues related to calling parameters used when Video Player is called in Media Gallery Application.
  • Added functionality to generate api.json and group.json files for External JS Service dynamically.

Application Framework


  • Emulator
    • Updated restrict cdc_ether not to load for qemu machines.
  • CLI
    • Deleted start-devmode.sh call from devmode.sh.


  • Enact
    • Added the required permission for mediacontroller to Enact browser app.
    • Replaced enact-typedef.js with jsdoc-to-ts module.
    • Replaced enact-override.js with Enact CLI commands.
    • Fixed issues that Enact browser is automatically closed while changing the language.
    • Added defensive codes for npm install in Enact CLI.

Managers & Services


  • SAM
    • Supported architecture registration with a given priority in the arch.conf file.


  • Added status notification for the media indexer.
  • Enabled qt5-multimedia-plugin.
  • Fixed passing bitrate to encoder pipeline in mcil and resolution issue when using HW Encoder for WebRTC.
  • audiod
    • Fixed Bluetooth audio issues.


  • Bluetooth
    • Added new methods to com.webos.service.bluetooth2 API: onOff/set, getMeshInfo, config/getCompositionData.

External Devices

  • Updated copy & move operations Storage Access Framework (SAF).
  • Supported for SAMBA and UPnP in SAF.
  • Support SAF feature in Emulator.
  • Added UART communication, UWB native service, and Luna APIs for UWB.

Base Components


  • LS2
    • Supported LS2 for 64-bit arch.
    • Added functionalities to check Null for the LSMessageGetSenderServiceName return.


  • Removed Icelandic from locale.json.


  • Upgraded Fluent Bit from v.1.3.5 to v1.7.4.
  • crashd
    • Handled the launch of main Panel after Removing USB (crash-report)
  • rdxd
    • Restored RDX services.


  • ConnMan
    • Fixed crash issues
  • BlueZ
    • Updated kernel configuration and enabled mesh profile in bluez 5.55.

Build System & SCM


  • Upgraded to the latest revision from Yocto Dunfell 3.1

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed UI issues related to language setting.
  • Fixed an issue related to playing video on web pages.
  • Fixed build issue related to com.sample.waylandegl.

Known Issues.

  • n/a