webOS OSE 2.15.0 Release Notes

Release date: February 18, 2022

This version corresponds to the GitHub releases from build #420 to build #437.

New and Changed Features

Core Applications

System UI

  • Home Launcher
    • Added component/resource customization features for QML apps


  • Enact Browser
    • Fixed the issue where browsed websites being displayed multiple times in the history

Application Framework



  • Enact
    • Merged the fixed version of the sampler focusing

Managers & Services


  • SAM
    • Included com.webos.applicationManager to allowed group names
    • Removed the com.webos.lunasend check step
  • Activity Manager
    • Added proxy call support
    • Adjusted the ACG permission of Activity Manager
  • WAM
    • Refactored WAM error pages
  • Memory Manager
    • Added memory check in the requireMemory


  • LSM
    • Implemented the presentation time protocol in LSM
    • Removed DRM buffer support from Waylandsink
    • Improved Qt app rendering performance
    • Added mouse/keyboard support


  • audiod
    • Added support for track volume


  • Context Intent Manager
    • Fixed Google Assistance’s custom action that the fact generator node isn’t able to launch YouTube app


  • bugreport
    • Updated the webosreporter password policy

Base Components


  • iLib
    • Applied iLib v14.12.0

Web Engine

  • Chromium
    • Upgraded to v91
    • Modified Blink to show error pages only when errors are in the main frame
  • Implemented GPU vsync provider for Wayland
  • Fixed the issue where camera preview is not displayed on the screen


  • Enabled oomd in the kernel for OSE emulator
  • Enabled swap and zram for OSE emulator

Fixed Issues

  • n/a

Known Issues

  • The inclusion of keyboard and mouse support might have some side effects, which will be resolved in the future releases.