webOS OSE 2.16.0 Release Notes

Release date: May 11, 2022

This version corresponds to the GitHub releases from build #438 to build #456.

New and Changed Features

Core Applications


  • Enact Browser
    • Implemented a popup block feature
    • Changed the UI design of the site filter
    • Implemented cookie management for Enact browser
    • Implemented a feature to manage allowed/blocked URLs list

Sample Apps

  • Media Gallery App
    • Added keyboard/mouse support
  • Image Viewer
    • Fixed the issue that when image slide show is playing, next and previous buttons are working even if they are disabled

Managers & Services


  • LSM
    • Updated scheduler for new adaptive update
    • Fixed the issue that the web browser not shown on the emulator


  • audiod
    • Implemented fix for palerts and setSourceInputVolume


  • Notification Manager
    • Added fix for Alert not displayed


  • Settings Service
    • Added locale info support

SW Update

  • SW Updater
    • The SW Updater service has been retired

System Service

  • Added the HDMI-CEC feature

Base Components


  • Qt
    • Rebased patches to v6.3.0
    • Applied webOS patches with maxver instead of SRCREV


  • Fixed the thumbnail generation issue for video in USB
  • Added rtpsrc plugin in gstreamer bad plugin
  • Added streaming support for UDP/RTP/RTSP protocols in the media pipeline


  • Added new locales to webOS OSE
  • iLib
    • Synced up with iLib 14.13.0 version


  • BlueZ
    • Updated to handle special characters for client ID

Web Engine

  • Blink
    • Fixed video play for files whose name contain special character
    • Fixed app title and icons displa
    • Fixed Play/Pause not working on Bluetooth devices
    • Fixed Reddit Favicon not appearing on the first tap of the web browser


  • Disabled mouse wheel on touch mode for emulator

Debugging Tool

  • Implemented EBD (eBPF dynamic tracing tool) for Raspberry Pi 4 images

Fixed Issues

  • n/a

Known Issues

  • n/a