webOS OSE 2.17.0 Release Notes

Release date: July 01, 2022

This version corresponds to the GitHub releases from build #457 to build #472.

New and Changed Features

Core Applications

System UI

  • Home Launcher
    • Fixed app list delay in the launcher
    • Fixed Home app relaunch issue


  • Settings
    • Fixed the issue that the Time and Date page is not shown
    • Fixed the time zone loading issue
  • Enact Browser
    • Updated to handle virtual keyboard (VKB) Enter key in the input box

Managers & Services


  • SAM
    • Added response for multiple attempts of registerApp method


  • LSM
    • Added support of legacy adaptive update for the emulator
    • Fixed video rect calculation


  • audiod
    • Upgraded PulseAudio version from 9.0 to 15.0


  • Notification Manager
    • Fixed Popup abnormal behavior


  • AI Service
    • Added webOS Edge AI Framework libraries
    • Hardware-accelerated TensorflowLite-based Deep Learning Inerference Framework
    • Arm Compute Library, ArmNN and OpenCV for DNN
    • EdgeAI Vision Library v1.0 (Face detetection, Pose detection, Object segmentation suppot)

Base Components


  • iLib
    • Updated the latest version of loctool and plugins


  • Added 802.1Q in kernel configuration to support vlan for OSE emulator
  • Added event-device-creator to OSE emulator

Build System & SCM

  • Removed the meta-python2 layer
  • Removed the data collection pipeline
  • Upgraded the docker-moby package and its dependent packages

Fixed Issues

  • n/a

Known Issues

  • Sound output is not available when using the gallery app.
  • Focus is not moved to the next page and the image list for the selected category is not shown in the gallery app.
  • On some occasions, the settings screen is abruptly closed.
  • Favicons are not displayed for some websites.