webOS OSE 2.18.0 Release Notes

Release date: September 02, 2022

This version corresponds to the GitHub releases from build #473 to build #496.

New and Changed Features

Core Applications

System UI

  • Added new home app delivery


  • Enact Browser
    • Fixed the favicon fetch issue
    • Modified not to display VKB that were displayed in previous sites in the next navigating sites
    • Fixed popup reappears issue

Sample Apps

  • Camera
    • Fixed text message issue

Managers & Services


  • SAM
    • Adjusted timeout for retrying to terminate running applications


  • LSM
    • Added support of RasterSurface type for qtwayland clients
    • Added support of 4K resolution


  • mediaindexer
    • Fixed the issue that the image viewer application is not launched when a media file that doesn’t exist is displayed


  • configd
    • Enabled data collection pipeline


  • System Service
    • Added i2c/getPollingFd method in peripheralmanager.i2c.operation ACG group
  • unifiedsearch
    • users/groups of some services changed to non-root
    • Added some users and groups to support more strict DAC

Base Components


  • Qt
    • Upgraded Qt to 6.3.1


  • Enabled Generic AV (GAV) support in the OSE emulator

  • Added gstreamer-bad plugin patches related to initial window size

  • Added video information message and disabled subsurface in subcompositor

  • Implemented to send prepare-seamless-seek custom event when non-flush trick 

  • Implemented changes for fixing setvolume failure and rtp playback failure

  • Added support for receiving key events

  • Modified to handle invalid argument exception thrown from stoll

  • Added GAV support in Chromium for gstreamer pipeline

  • Disabled media support in Chromium for emulator


  • Updated iLib and localization tool


  • Modified to use the same submission for all 3 DISTROs

Web Engine

  • Implemented malware site detection using Web Risk API

  • Added fix for receiving auth key in AES-CTR encrypted format


  • Fixed a prepare-system-dirs issue on emulator without serial setting

Build System & SCM

  • Modified versioning policy of lsb-release

  • Modified Gator to build gator daemon only

  • Added new recipe to build gator kernel module only

  • Enabled Gator as Performance Analyzer for raspberrypi4-64

Fixed Issues

  • Focus is not moved to the next page and the image list for the selected category is not shown in the gallery app.
  • On some occasions, the settings screen is abruptly closed.
  • Favicons are not displayed for some websites.

Known Issues

  • Sound output is not available when using the gallery app.
  • VKB layout becomes smaller before closing.
  • VKB is not dismissed when the UP key is pressed multiple times.
  • Users cannot play back and search for recorded images through the camera app.
  • When playing video content with Enact Browser in a dual display environment, HTML5 video played in the first tab continuous to play and its sound is heard even after opening the second tab.