webOS OSE 2.19.0 Release Notes

Release date: December 02, 2022

This version corresponds to the GitHub releases from build #497 to build #527.

New and Changed Features

IoTivity and webOS IoT is no longer supported. We plan to replace webOS IoT with Matter in the future release.

Core Applications

System UI

  • Home Launcher

    • Reduced an initial launching delay
    • Added many interesting features to basic UI! For more details, refer to webOS OSE UI Guide.
  • Enact Browser

    • Fixed an issue where ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ pop-up didn’t disappear
    • Fixed an issue where the sound of inactive tab of Enact brower was playing
    • Added pop-up window to get the user’s permission
    • Supports malware detection service


  • Settings
    • Updated the app icon

Sample Apps

  • Bufferplayer

    • Fixed a seek issue of bufferplayer test application
  • Camera

    • Fixed an issue where the app was crashed if the user stops to record
  • Web Browser

    • Fixed an issue where the ‘FULL SCREEN’ button didn’t work properly
    • Fixed an issue where double-tapping on the address bar didn’t work properly
    • Fixed an issue where video were not displayed
  • Video Call

  • Blockchain wallet

    • Added a new feature to create your own blockchain wallet using command-line
    webOS OSE doesn’t provide a secure environment for blockchain wallets. LG Electronics is not responsible for any accident using blockchain wallets on webOS OSE.
    More updates and related documents about the Blockchain Wallet app will be released in the future.

Application Framework


  • Enact
    • Updated Enact framework to 4.5.0
    • Updated Enact CLI to 5.0.2

Mangers & Services


  • LSM
    • Fixed an issue where screen glitches occur after reboot


  • audiod

    • Added a feature to detect internal and external audio devices
    • Changed the path of system sounds to /usr/data (Previous path: /media/internal)
  • Camera Service

    • Fixed an issue where startPreview was failed in C270/C310 camera models
  • Added a new resource management policy for dynamic resource allocation in various media resolutions


  • VKB
    • Fixed an issue where VKB layout became smaller before closing


  • Location

    • Fixed an issue that prints “no internet” message when the com.webos.service.location API is called
  • UWB

    • Added new methods in the com.webos.service.uwb API
    • Deprecated getUwbServiceState and getUwbSpecificInfo


  • Sys Service
    • Supports audio subdevices and internal sound cards
    • Supports MIPI cameras

Base Components


  • Qt
    • Upgraded Qt to 6.4


  • PulseAudio
    • Added a speech enhancement feature, Intelligent Echo Cancellation Noise Reduction (ECNR)


  • iLib
    • Updated the iLib version to 14.15.1

Web Engine

  • Chromium
    • Allows to use gamepads in webOS web contents
    • Added a test app to verify v8 snapshot features
    • Upgraded to v94


  • Fixed an issue where pop-up windows showed up multiple times when sound devices are connected
  • Added Emulator Launcher

Build System & SCM


  • Fixed an audio issue where RPi4’s line out jack doesn’t working
  • Fixed an issue where HTML video screen disappeared after changing the screen rotation option to ‘off’
  • Updated to the latest Noto fonts (Support for Unicode 15.0.0)

Known Issues

  • Cannot skip through videos using the number keys with the enter key.
  • If the screen resolution of the primary display is larger than the that of the secondary display, the primary display doesn’t show properly.
  • In the Web Browser app, if the user enter the Settings menu while the zoom drop-down menu is activated, the zoom menu doesn’t turn off.
  • The com.webos.applicationService/remove method cannot delete apps completely.
  • Cannot get responses for Google Cloud properties via luna-send commands.
  • Cannot get proper returns using the com.webos.service.wifi/tethering/setMaxStationCount method.