webOS OSE 2.20.0 Release Notes

Release date: March 07, 2023

This version corresponds to the GitHub releases from build #528 to build #560.

New and Changed Features

Core Applications

System UI

  • Home

    • Fixed an issue where the Enter key didn’t work if the user activated the virtual keyboard multiple times
  • Status Bar

    • Changed icons
    • Added a feature that connects Wi-Fi through the status bar


  • Settings
    • You can now check a list of Wi-Fi ever connected.
    • Changed the UI framework to Sandstone

Sample Apps

  • Displays a red indicator on WebEX browser tab to inform the user that the audio or video is in use

Application Framework


  • Added telegraf for resource monitoring
    • Added a new API to support telegraf service: com.webos.service.sdkagent


  • Enact
    • Updated Enact CLI from v5.0.2 to v5.1.0
    • Updated Enact framework from v4.5.0 to v4.5.1

Managers & Services


  • WAM

    • Fixed an issue where the primary display didn’t show properly if the screen resolution of the primary display was larger than that of the secondary display
    • Fixed an issue where using a mouse in the secondary display made the Home app disappear
    • Fixed an issue where skipping videos using shortcuts (number keys + Enter keys) didn’t work
  • appinstalld2

    • Fixed an issue where the com.webos.applicationService/remove method didn’t delete apps completely


  • LSM
    • Retired method: com.webos.surfacemanager/closeByAppId


  • Network Mgr
    • Fixed an issue where the com.webos.service.wifi/setstate method didn’t enable Wi-Fi
    • Fixed an issue where the com.webos.service.wifi/tethering/getMaxStationCount method didn’t pass its return values
    • Retired API: com.webos.service.uwb


  • Sys Service
    • Reduced an initial delay when webOS OSE operates as a CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) client


  • AI Service
    • Updated tensorflow-lite to v2.9.3
    • Added an Auto Delegation library

External Device

  • PDM
    • Fixed an issue where the com.webos.service.pdm/getAttachedNonStorageDeviceList method didn’t pass its return values (videoDeviceList > subDeviceList)
    • Supports toast notifications when connecting/disconnecting HID and USB storage devices

Base Components

i18n / l10n

  • Updated localization tools’ version


  • ConnMan
    • Fixed an issue where mock GPS didn’t work properly on the webOS OSE emulator
    • Fixed an issue where Wi-Fi was not connected using WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) protocol
    • Fixed an issue where the com.webos.service.connectionmanager/getStatus method didn’t pass its return values (proxyinfo, gateway, netmask)

Web Engine

  • Blink
    • Changed the default build option for webruntime and WAM to Clang.


  • Fixed an issue where HTML5 videos were not played in the emulator

Build System & SCM


  • New shortcuts:
    • Take a screenshot: Ctrl + Alt + F9 (Stored in /tmp/screenshots)
    • Delete all screenshots: Ctrl + Alt + F10

Known Issues

  • The volume icon in the Status bar is not displayed as a muted icon when the volume level is zero.
  • The volume level in the Status bar shows a wrong value after flashing a webOS OSE image.
  • Videos and audio cannot be paused when the pause button is pressed through Bluetooth.
  • White screen displays when the Web Browser app is launched.
  • Temporarily unable to generate the NDK installer file (.sh).