webOS OSE 2.21.0 Release Notes

Release date: April 27, 2023

This version corresponds to the GitHub releases from build #561 to build #587.

New and Changed Features

Core Applications

System UI

  • Status Bar
    • Fixed issues where the volume level and icon were not working properly
  • App Bar
    • Fixed an issue where the white dot indicating the app is running was misaligned when using the Arabic language setting
    • Fixed an issue where the search bar was misaligned when using the Arabic language setting


  • Settings
    • Fixed an issue where the month in the Time & Date menu was not changed properly
    • Fixed an issue where changed region was not updated on the secondary display
  • Enact Browser
    • Supports PDF format viewer

Sample Apps

  • MS Teams
    • Fixed an issue where the camera wasn’t working properly

Application Framework


  • Fixed an issue where the com.webos.service.sdkagent/collector/startOnBoot method was not working properly


  • Enact
    • Updated Enact CLI from v5.1.0 to v5.1.2
    • Updated the Sandstone library from v2.5.2 to v2.6.2

Managers & Services


  • SAM
    • Added methods in the com.webos.serivce.applicationmanager API:
      • /dev/close
      • /dev/managerInfo
  • Activity Manager
    • Resolved inconsistencies in the com.webos.service.activitymanager API


  • uMS
    • Resolved inconsistencies in the com.webos.media API
    • Resolved inconsistencies in the com.webos.service.mediacontroller API


  • Location Manager
    • Fixed a crash in the mock location
  • Bluetooth Manager
    • Resolved inconsistencies in the com.webos.service.bluetooth2 API


  • Fixed an issue where alert pop-ups were not closed


  • System Service
    • luna-service2
      • Fixed an issue where debug dump files were stored in the /tmp/ directory
    • Deprecated the com.webos.service.power API

External Device

  • Added the com.webos.service.pdm/mountandFullFsck method

Base Components


  • g-media-pipeline
    • Adds UnifiedSinkBin to support video rendering on multiple SoCs
  • PulseAudio
    • Supports automatic gain control for microphone input
  • g-camera-pipeline
    • Supports dynamic zoom and auto PTZ features for cameras

i18n / l10n

  • iLib
    • Updated the version from v14.15.1 to v14.17.0

Web Engine

  • Blink
    • Fixed an issue where a white screen was displayed when the user launched the Enact browser

Known Issues

  • In the YouTube app, the main page is loaded with invalid IP addresses.
  • In the YouTube app, the playback doesn’t start from the last keyframe position.
  • Playing the following audio does not stop the previous audio.