webOS OSE 2.23.0 Release Notes

Release date: September 07, 2023

This version corresponds to the GitHub releases from build #609 to build #636.

New and Changed Features

Core Applications


  • Enact Browser
    • Fixed an issue where the last tab would not be closed

Application Framework


  • Telegraf
    • Added a procstat plugin to monitor process memory
    • Added a feature to monitor CPU usage and the list of PIDs


  • Enact
    • Upgraded Enact CLI from v6.0.0 to v6.0.1
    • Upgraded the Sandstone library from v2.7.0 to v2.7.3

Managers & Services


  • LSM
    • Support graphic DRM
    • Update ACG configuration


  • audiod
    • Added Audio Post Processing framework to support various audio-related features

Base components


  • Qt
    • Upgraded Qt from v6.5.1 to v6.5.2


  • g-media-pipeline
    • Fixed an issue where video was stopped on emulator if playback speed was changed
    • Converted unifiedsinkbin in Rust language
  • g-camera-pipeline
    • Support RPi3 and qemu for g-camera-pipeline

i18n / l10n

  • iLib
    • Upgraded the latest version of loctool and its plugins (v1.14.0)
    • Upgraded the iLib version from v14.17.0 to v14.18.0.

Web Engine

  • Blink
    • Fixed an issue where touching an empty area didn’t show an address list after entering another address in the address bar
    • Fixed an issue where the screen layout didn’t responsively adjust while VKB was activated
    • Fixed an issue where tooltips for WebEx menus didn’t show up on RPi 4
    • Support AVIF image format
    • Update ACG configuration
    • Improved design architecture of Web Risk API

Build System & SCM

  • Fixed an issue where curl was failed due to DNS errors

Known Issues

  • Black screens appear in displays when closing mirrored YouTube app.
  • When the user tries to play YouTube video in one display, the other display’s screen is displayed on the YouTube player.