webOS OSE 2.24.0 Release Notes

Release date: November 08, 2023

This version corresponds to the GitHub releases from build #637 to build #659.

New and Changed Features

Core Applications


  • Enact Browser
    • Fixed a bug that the URL of the address bar wasn’t updated when navigating on Webview.

Application Framework


  • Emulator
    • Fixed a bug that caused build errors in Qt native application.

Managers & Services

Service General


  • LSM
    • Fixed a bug where black screens appear when closing mirrored YouTube app.
    • Fixed a bug where cursor customizing won’t work.


  • uMS
    • Fixed error code messages.
  • audiod
    • Changed ACG names: setSoundOutput, setSoundInput.
  • Camera Service
    • Fixed a bug where the camera component caused errors during the build time (32-bit).
    • Fixed a bug where webcams didn’t provide stream data.
  • Deleted the dependency between the camera service and uMediaServer service.
  • Added a new service: com.webos.service.mediarecorder


  • Sys. Service
    • Updated ACG of com.webos.service.preference.
    • Fixed a bug where the Europe/Kyiv timezone information is missing.

Base Components


  • GStreamer
    • Fixed a bug where the WebEx screen of the host was displayed as a gray box.
  • g-camera-pipeline
    • Improved memory management.

i18n / l10n

  • iLib
    • Upgraded the latest version of loctool and its plugins (v1.15.1).
  • Font
    • Updated system fonts for Dingbat and Bengali.


  • PmLog
    • Fixed a bug that caused permission errors.

Web Engine

  • Chromium
    • Upgraded to v108.
  • Blink
    • Fixed a bug that caused loading error in Web Browser app.

Build System & SCM

  • Fixed an issue on Qt 6.7.0 build.

Known Issues

  • Unresponsive popup is displaying when the user stop videos in WebEx.
  • VKB is dismissed when the user touches VKB in feedback window.