webOS OSE 2.25.0 Release Notes

Release date: January 17, 2024

This version corresponds to the GitHub releases from build #660 to build #685.

New and Changed Features

  • Update the copyright information.

Core Applications

System UI

  • Home
    • Fixed a bug that caused VKB missing when the user is trying to submit a feedback.


  • Enact Browser
    • Fixed a bug where VKB wasn’t closed properly.
    • Fixed a bug where the webview wasn’t focused properly.

Sample Apps

  • Camera
    • Fixed a bug that caused duplicated resolutions in the dropdown menu.

Managers & Services


  • Memory Mgr.
    • Fixed a bug related to getMemoryStatus.


  • LSM
    • Removed a revert for supporting QT_IM_MODULE.
    • Fixed a bug where luna-send-pub was not working.
    • Fixed a bug where the backspace key in VKB worked as the back key.


  • configd
    • Retired methods: dump, fullDump, reloadConfigs.

External Device

  • PDM
    • Fixed a bug that caused sound issues.

Base Components


  • Qt
    • Upgraded Qt from v6.5.2 to v6.6.0.


  • g-media-pipeline
    • Fixed a bug that caused frame drop issue in WebEx with HW decoding.
  • PulseAudio
    • Enabled to use multiple pre-processing effects for audio.
    • Added a new audio feature: bass boost.


  • iLib
    • Upgraded loctool from v1.15.1 to v1.15.4.
    • Upgraded iLib from v14.18.0 to v14.19.0.

Web Engine

  • Blink
    • Added the ‘Reset Settings’ feature.
    • Added the ‘Pinch-to-zoom’ feature in the content area.
    • Fixed a bug that caused an unresponsive popup to appear when a WebEx call was stopped.
    • Fixed minor bugs in WebCodecs in Chromium v108.
    • Change backend for WebRTC to VDA.

Known issues