webOS OSE 2.5.0 Release Notes

Release date: May 12, 2020

This version corresponds to the GitHub releases from build #175 to build #197.

New and Changed Features

Application Framework


  • Released Command-Line Interface (CLI) 1.11.1.

Managers & Services


  • uMS
    • Enabled hardware acceleration based media pipeline for RPi4.
  • audiod
    • Enabled dual audio output through USB devices.


  • Added Georgian locale.

Base Components


  • Upgraded the iLib library from v14.4.0 to v14.6.0.



  • Added NYX GPS module.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the issue that video frames are not visible in RPi4.
  • Speeded up the ostree image booting time.
  • Changed luna-init to use Python 3 APIs instead, as Python 2.7 APIs are not supported anymore.
  • In qml-webos-framework, replaced appId with LS2_NAME and displayAffinity with DISPLAY_ID when launching qml-runner.

Known Issues

  • com.webos.service.ai.voice/getResponse transits to the answering state twice when using Google Assistant API.
  • As the RPi4 kernel doesn’t recognize a hard-disk of size 2TiB with NTFS filesystem, com.webos.service.pdm/getAttachedStorageDeviceList returns "isMounted": false.
  • The target device reboots if available memory is less than 7MB.