webOS OSE 2.9.0 Release Notes

Release date: January 22, 2021

This version corresponds to the GitHub releases from build #264 to build #295.

New and Changed Features

Core Applications


  • Enact Browser
    • Enabled built-in error page
    • Fixed movement of volume bar smoothly

Application Framework


  • Released Command-Line Interface (CLI) 2.0.3

Managers & Services


  • SAM
    • Added unifiedsearch service
    • Added rootfs directory to webos-initscripts repository
  • Memory Manager
    • Removed legacy APIs which are not used by other components
    • Added new sysInfo API
    • Modified sysInfo format
    • Moved service creation from initialization to sysInfo call


  • Bluetooth Manager
    • Fixed hfp service crash when index string is empty
    • Fixed delay reporting event while device disconnect
  • Included iotivity native sample for webos-iot packagegroup
  • Implemented a Nyx Module to integrate the GPS HW
  • Implemented the config based port usage of GPS HW
  • Updated to handle GPS Nyx module error scenarios
  • Added SelectRole dbus method to change a2dp roles
  • Corrected error code for mock GPS HW
  • Modified API groups as per ACG guidelines


  • LSM
    • Aligned input position by mirror item’s offset
    • Fixed LSM issues with webOS foreign protocol and some others
    • Added qtbase-plugins-webos which provides webOS EGLFS platform plugin
    • Fixed the keyboard modifier issue


  • AI
    • Modified API groups as per ACG guidelines
  • ¬†TTS
    • Modified API groups as per ACG guidelines


  • audiod
    • Fixed multi-instance audio mute and unmute issue for URI player
    • Modified API groups as per ACG guidelines

System Service

  • Provided internal category permission for settings service API permission file
  • Added fix for deviceNum for camera
  • Modified API groups as per ACG guidelines

Web App Framework

  • Enact Framework
    • Updated for new moonstone repo structure

Web Engine

  • Blink
    • Implemented a feature to shift the cursor position when overlapped by the VKB input field
    • Upgraded Chromium to v84
    • Added mksnapshot-cross recipe to build mksnapshot only

Base Components


  • BlueZ
    • AVRCP Fix filter argument in search API


  • Updated the latest version of loctool and plugins to OSE
  • Updated iLib to version 14.6.2


Build System & SCM


  • Updated to the latest revision from Yocto Dunfell 3.1


  • Added intent symbolic link


  • Fixed various issues leading to host-user-contaminated QA errors in Qt
  • Fixed linking error with ld-gold


  • Added backward compatibility layer
  • Modified to loop through all the trust level providers for searching wildcard services

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the issue when a user sets mute on the primary display the audio on the secondary display is also muted.

Known Issues

  • Enact Browser’s popup test for opening parent pages doesn’t display parent pages properly.
  • Long tap on a recently visited site from the Enact Browser occasionally doesn’t invoke a remove button to pop up.