The following shows a roadmap of webOS Open Source Edition (OSE).

webOS OSE 1.xwebOS OSE 2.0Long Term Plan
  • Memory Manager
  • QEMU Emulator
  • BT Profile Support
  • OCF Integration
  • AI Assistant Service
  • ROS2 Integration
  • Enact Browser
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • BT Manager
  • TTS (Text to Speech) Service
  • Workflow Designer
  • Camera Service
  • CIM (Context Intent Manager)
  • PDM (Physical Device Manager)
  • ACG (Access Control Groups)
  • Yocto Upgrade
  • Qt Upgrade
  • FOTA
  • Dual-Display Support
  • Smack Integration
  • Chromium Upgrade
  • SoftAP
  • Multi-User Configuration
  • App Mirroring for RSE
  • FOTA (ability to partially update)
  • journald (pmlogd disabled)
  • Phone Projection (mirroring)
  • Bluetooth Audio

For the meaning of abbreviations in the roadmap, refer to the table below.

OCFOpen Connectivity Foundation
QEMUQuick Emulator
ROS2Robot Operating System 2.0
RSERear Seat Entertainment
SmackSimplified Mandatory Access Control Kernel