webOS OSE 1.1.0 Release

June 29, 2018

Key highlights of this release are as follows.

For a complete listing of changes, refer to the release notes.

Memory Manager

Memory Manager monitors the memory status of the system and manages applications to ensure that the system does not run into an out-of-memory (OOM) situation. This is achieved by killing applications that are in the background when we get into a low-memory condition.

The goals of Memory Manager are as follows:

  • Maintain the status of memory usage across the apps
  • Prevent the system kernel from running into OOM situation
  • Correct the memory leak situation

QEMU Emulator

webOS OSE provides an emulator for Linux, based on open-source QEMU project. The emulator enables you to test the webOS OSE apps and services on a virtual environment on your Linux PC. This allows you to test most of the features before deploying the apps or services to physical device.

For more information, see the emulator user guide.