webOS OSE at LG Future Talk Powered by IFA

September 10, 2019

On September 5, LG Electronics (LG) held a panel talk event titled “LG Future Talk Powered by IFA” to kick off IFA 2019 in Berlin and shared the company’s AI vision and strategy. Throughout the talk, the company’s AI strategy, Evolve, Connect and Open, was presented as the fundamentals for LG to shape the future of AI.

In the later part of the talk, Dr. I.P. Park, President and Chief Technology Officer of LG, pointed out the importance of openness, such as open partnership and open innovation, saying that the efforts to evolve and connect should be open. Then he introduced webOS Open Source Edition (webOS OSE) which became open last year hoping for everyone to make use of webOS. One of the panels, Dino Flore, who is the Vice President of Technology at Qualcomm Europe, added that his company expects webOS will play a central role as an open platform in bringing diverse technologies together, making connected cars a reality.

The talk with the renowned panels was full of insights into how the AI-powered future will look like. Try watching the full video on YouTube.

LG Future Talk Powered by IFA

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