webOS OSE 1.10.1 Release and the Intermediate Branch

September 23, 2019

We are delighted to announce the release of webOS OSE 1.10.1 and creation of the intermediate branch.

webOS OSE 1.10.1 Release

This release is a preparation to use webOS OSE with ros/meta-ros using the official ROS build instructions.

For details, refer to the release notes.

Intermediate Branch

On build-webos, @91.release branch has been created to be used as a development branch for partners. The following describes the change details and build instructions for the branch.

New and Changed Features

Base Components

  • Web Engine
    • Web Engine is now upgraded from Chromium 68 to Chromium 72, which is used as the default in this branch.
    • All features supported through WAM (Web App Manager) are now ported onto Chromium 72.
  • ROS2
    • meta-webos-ros and meta-ros are dropped from build-webos.

To use meta-ros on webOS OSE, it is recommended that you use the official instructions on ros/meta-ros wiki.

How to Build from the Intermediate Branch

  1. Clone the branch from build-webos repository and cd into the directory.

    $ git clone https://github.com/webosose/build-webos -b @91.release
    $ cd build-webos
  2. Install the required tools and libraries.

    $ sudo scripts/prerequisites.sh
  3. Configure the build. For more information on setting the parallelism values, see the documentation.

    $ ./mcf -p <number of physical CPU cores / 2> -b <number of physical CPU cores / 2> raspberrypi3
  4. Build the image.

    $ make webos-image

Coming Up Next

In the next official release of webOS OSE, we’re planning to support Raspberry Pi 4 as a target device. Stay tuned for update.