Upcoming - Open Source Practice of webOS at Qt World Summit 2019, Tokyo

November 27, 2019

The Qt Company, a strategic partner of LG Electronics (LGE), holds Qt World Summit (QtWS) every year inviting developers, customers, and partners across industries. Following the last year, LGE has given the keynote speech at this year’s QtWS held at Berlin, Germany with the topic of “The Future of Connected Cars and webOS Auto,” addressing the trends in the automotive industry and presenting what webOS can offer to keep up with those trends. Find out more about this keynote on the news article on the LG Software Solutions website.

Yet, there is another keynote speech to come at QtWS 2019 at Tokyo, Japan on this Friday, 29th of November! The topic will be “Open Source Practice of webOS as an Embedded Software Platform,” and the speech will share how the company has been collaborating with the open source communities, especially with webOS Open Source Edition (OSE). Along with the keynote speech, there will be a technical session about how to build QML apps for webOS and Qt Creator webOS Plugin and a demo booth exhibiting the features of webOS OSE 2.0 with Raspberry Pi 4 and dual displays. If interested, visit and experience the upgraded performance of webOS OSE.

And stay tuned for the wrap-up of webOS’s activities in QtWS 2019 including the video clip of the speeches.