webOS OSE 2.17.0 Release

July 01, 2022

We’re pleased to announce the release of webOS Open Source Edition (OSE) 2.17.0.

The highlights of this release are as follows:

For more details on this release, see the release notes.

Improved Touch Event Latency

Adaptive update has been introduced to webOS OSE to improve touch input latency. By applying this update, webOS OSE can achieve better touch input responsiveness.

PulseAudio v15

webOS OSE has upgraded its PulseAudio version from 9.0 to 15.0. PulseAudio is a sound server used in Linux which handles advanced operations between applications and audio devices. By upgrading it to more recent version (15.0 released on 2021-07-27), webOS OSE enhances its audio capability and improves developer experience.

Edge AI Framework Libraries

webOS OSE has incorporated Edge AI Framework Libraries to its platform. The major features of the AI framework are as follows:

  • Added hardware-accelerated TensorflowLite-based deep learning inference framework
  • Added the Arm Compute library, ArmNN and OpenCV for DNN
  • Added the Edge AI Vision library v1.0 (face detetection, pose detection, object segmentation support)