webOS OSE 2.23.0 Release

September 07, 2023

We’re pleased to announce the release of webOS Open Source Edition (OSE) 2.23.0.

The highlights of this release are as follows:

For more details on this release, see the release notes.

Supporting Audio Equalizer

In this release, an audio post-processing framweork is added. This framework supports the interactive audio, and audio post-processing algorithms. (e.g., equalizer)

For more information, see setAudioEqualizerBandLevel and setAudioEqualizerPreset methods in the com.webos.service.audio API.

Improving Web Risk API Design

The current design keeps Web Risk hash prefixes of malicious sites in a file. This might lead to more memory consumption. From this release, the hash prefixes are stored in a local database to prevent the memory issue.

This update focuses on an internal platform usuability, and has no direct impact on user experience.

Enact Upgrade

Enact libraries have been upgraded. See the following release pages for details: