webOS OSE 2.26.0 Release

June 05, 2024

We’re pleased to announce the release of webOS Open Source Edition (OSE) 2.26.0.

The highlights of this release are as follows:

For more details on this release, see the release notes.

Enhancing Media Features

webOS OSE now supports pause, resume, and audio-only recording features.

  • Recording
    • supports pause, resume, and audio-only recording features.
    • Supported resolution/frame rates are FHD/20 FPS and HD/30 FPS. For more details, see com.webos.service.mediarecorder.
  • Audio

Enabling Proxy Connection

The Enact browser has been updated to allow users to use a proxy while surfing websites. This feature enhances security, expands access to content, and provides greater flexibility for developers in managing their network connections.

The following example shows how to use a proxy server to allow/disallow access to .facebook.com.

Setting Up the Proxy Server

  1. Set up a valid proxy server. In this example, we use Squid. See the setup guide (on Ubuntu, on Window).

  2. (On Ubuntu) Open the config file in the vi editor.

    sudo vi /etc/squid/squid.conf
  3. Change the following line to allow all accesses.

    http_access deny all
    http_access allow all
  4. Add the following two lines above the line in step 03.

    acl bad_sites dstdomain .facebook.com
    http_access deny bad_sites
  5. Save the changes and exit the editor.

  6. Restart the proxy server.

    sudo systemctl restart squid

Managing Access Using the Proxy Server

  1. Turn on the proxy server. For IP_ADDRESS and PORT_NUMBER, use the proxy server you set up with Setting Up the Proxy Server. By default, the port number is 3128.

    luna-send -f -n 1 luna://com.webos.settingsservice/setSystemSettings '{"category":"commercial", "settings": {"proxyEnable":"on","proxyMode":"single","proxyScheme":"http","proxySingleAddress":"IP_ADDRESS","proxySinglePort":"PORT_NUMBER","proxySingleUsername":"","proxySinglePassword":"","proxyBypassList": ".facebook.com"}}'
  2. (Proxy bypass test) Launch the Enact browser. Use the same IP_ADDRESS and PORT_NUMBER.

    una-send -n 1 -f luna://com.webos.applicationManager/launch '{"id": "com.webos.app.enactbrowser", "params":{"target":"https://www.facebook.com/"}}'

    Then the target URL will be launched in the browser.

  3. (Proxy denial test) Remove proxy byPassList.

    luna-send -f -n 1 luna://com.webos.settingsservice/setSystemSettings '{"category":"commercial", "settings": {"proxyEnable":"on","proxyMode":"single","proxyScheme":"http","proxySingleAddress":"IP_ADDRESS","proxySinglePort":"PORT_NUMBER","proxySingleUsername":"","proxySinglePassword":"","proxyBypassList": ""}}'

    If you reload the browser, the URL will not be loaded.

Supporting PWA

Since this release, Progressive Web Application (PWA) has been available on webOS OSE. If the user visits a website that supports PWA, an install button will be activated at the top right of the browser. To install a PWA, click the button.

Install button for PWA

Installed PWAs will be located in the Launchpad, just like other apps.

Installed PWA