Command-Line Interface Release Notes

This page provides the summary of each Command-Line Interface (CLI) release for webOS Open Source Edition (OSE).

v1.10.1 (October 2019)

This version is compatible with webOS OSE 2.0.0. See below for the new, changed, and removed features along with fixed issues and known issues in this release.

New features

  • Added a web app template that uses the WebOSSerivceBridge API
  • Added a feature to check the validity of the version in appinfo.json when packaging an app, which checks whether each version number is 9 digits or less
  • Added a guide text regarding the default target device to the CLI help

Changed features

  • Changed to show appInstallService’s error text when app installation fails
  • Changed the icon images generated by executing ares-generate --template to new images.

Removed features

  • Removed the webOS.js library
  • ares-inspect --service option cannot be used with the --open option
  • Removed EULA that appeared on CLI when executing a command for the first time, which was replaced by EULA that appears on the developer site when downloading the CLI package

Fixed issues

  • Enabled the ares-inspect --service option
  • Fixed an issue where ares-inspect --open option cannot open a browser on Windows
  • Fixed to create a .ssh directory after executing ares-setup-device

Known issues

  • When you install or uninstall an app using ares-install, a running Home Launcher disappears from the screen. To make the app listed on Home Launcher, you must reboot the target.
    • After rebooting the target, the external app is listed on Home Launcher, but the icon of the app is not displayed.

v1.9.4 (June 2019)

See below for the new and changed features, bug fixes, and known issues in this release.

New features

  • Added a feature to check the version rule of your app when you package your app
  • Added a feature to check if the app ID and app version exist in the appinfo.json file of your app when you package your app
  • Added a feature to add read permission to all files of your app when you package your app

Changed features

  • Updated templates (changed usable webOS APIs and how to use PmLog, appinfo.json)
  • Changed the scenario to prompt you whether to overwrite an existing folder when creating a project. Now, CLI prompts you whether to overwrite the folder as soon as you executes the ares-generate command with the existing folder name. In older versions, CLI prompts you when you enter your app information.
  • Changed the CLI folder structure due to code refactoring

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where ares-setup-device --reset does not print the reset device list

Known Issues

  • This version of CLI does not support ares-inspect --service temporarily.

v1.8.1 (July 2018)

New and changed features

  • Changed the package filenames (from webos-ose-cli-rpi_sdk-*.* to ares-webos-cli-ose_sdk-*.*)

  • Added the end-user license agreement (EULA)

  • Added a template for hosted web apps

v1.6.4 (March 2018)

This is the first official release of CLI for webOS OSE. For a detailed list of key features, see key features.

Known issues

  • Web Inspector and Node Inspector work on Blink-based browsers (Chrome and Opera) but not on non-Blink browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Safari).

  • The emulator should be running prior to using ares-install or ares-launch commands. CLI does not run the emulator automatically.

  • ares-server and ares-inspect commands are not terminated on their own, and can only be terminated manually by pressing Control+C.

  • ares-package shows an error message if an app filename contains non-ASCII characters. (App filenames should contain Latin letters ONLY.)

  • ares-setup-device --search|-s (Search webOS Devices) is not working, because webOS OSE does not contain upnpd.